Private: Travel Health

Dr. Visitacion also sees healthy individuals who plan to travel to foreign countries, or locations, where infection risk may be high. He will determine whether immunizations or other preventative measures are necessary to protect travelers from disease.*  Issues related to travel may include:

  • Protection against insects including malaria protection
  • Routine immunizations
  • Hepatitis A and/or B vaccinations
  • Protection against typhoid and yellow fever
  • Prevention or treatment of traveler’s diarrhea
  • Administration of other vaccinations as required for visits to specific countries

Ideally, vaccinations should be administered at least 2 weeks before the scheduled trip to give them time to work properly. We are happy to work with you to schedule your travel health visit an appropriate length of time in advance of your trip. Please call early to schedule your appointment.

Current Travel Health warnings can be found on the Traveler’s Health page of the CDC website.



* With prevention services for travelers, we adhere to standard medical practice as promulgated by authorities such as the Centers for Disease Control. Infectious Disease Specialists of Athens makes no warranty that protective and preventive services will be 100 percent effective against any or all potential diseases or conditions travelers might encounter.